Top 5 Celebrities Curly Hairstyles

1 - Beyouce

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, simply 
known as Beyoncé, is an American singer, songwriter and actress., she is famous by her natural curls and fancy curly hairstyles

2 - Taylor Swift 

Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter, Taylor's hair has spiral curls, that makes her hair both curly and blonde.

3 - Alicia keys

Alicia Augello Cook, known professionally as Alicia Keys, is an American R&B singer-songwriter, pianist, musician, record producer, and actress. Also she has a natural curly hairstyle

4 - Rachelle Lefevre

Rachelle Lefevre is a Canadian actress, She has natural carefree beachy curls every girl spends hours trying to recreate

5 - Emily Deschanel

Emily Erin Deschanel is an American actress, television producer, and film producer. She has a shorter curly hairstyles
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best products ever for amazing curly hairstyles

Curls have always been such stylish curly hairstyles so it’s time to  you to put your straightners down and love your natural look. But as we all know curly hair needs double care to protect it from frizz and dryness, women are confused while choosing the right product that’s take care and style their hair in the same time. In this article we are putting in your hands the best products ever so keep reading...

  1-Bumble & bumble Calming Crème

This cream will surprise you because the weight of it pulled your ringlet down slightly without losing spiral look and the flyways will disappear. If your hair is thick I don’t think that this cream will work for you, well if it’s not that great for your flyways.

Bumble & bumble Calming Crème, 37.95 $ for more information about the products click on the link

2-Redken Curvaceous Full Swirl Cream Serum

Another miracle product for girls with unruly curls. This one is has a double-whammy of cream and serum it works on limiting frizz and giving your hair a fabulous natural texture to your hair. So if your curls are just fine it will make it drop slightly so as we said those of you that have super unruly hair should give it a go.

 Redken Curvaceous Full Swirl Cream Serum, 26.48 $, so if you want to read more about redken products please click on the link

3-Lee Stafford Here Come The Curls Crème Lite

If you want bouncy curls that last all day long just use this super moisturizing cream it works doubly-hard against the drying effects of the sun. and you will be surprised about the shine in your hair.
Lee Stafford Here Come The Curls Crème Lite, 11.29 $, know more about it by clicking to the link

4-Trevor Sorbie Curls & Waves Light Hold Curl Cream

The cream nourishes your hair as well as it has a light texture not too thick and greasy. you will be satisfied with the curls it give with a pretty nice volume boost but it don’t have a holding effect so if you are looking for slightly, fluffy, natural soft curls  it’s the greatest choice for you.
Trevor Sorbie Curls & Waves Light Hold Curl Cream, 8.54 $more informations in :

5-Aveda be Curly Curl Enhancer

This product contains organic babassu oil which is especially used to elongate tight spirals, in addition to this great function it pings waves into more defined curls. So use it if have a super tight curls it really works!
Aveda be Curly Curl Enhancer, 28.26 $click to the link to know more about it

6-Got2b Sea Salt Spray

So this one going to surprise you. Because once you see sea salt sprays we automatically think about messy surf-girl look.  Just a couple of sprits’ on damp hair and in the result you have super pretty curls.
Got2b Sea Salt Spray, 6.57$ , click here to know more about it

7-John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Enhancing Oil

It seems so strange to use an oil-based styling product but it‘s not heavy and so it’s a very lightweight product it control frizz and at the same time it keeps curls bouncy.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Enhancing Oil, 16.15 $, so if you want some more clarifications please click here


                           8-Paul Mitchell Ultimate Wave Beachy Texture Cream

This is really fabulous it has a lightweight texture that defines your curls but leave them so free so here’s the solution for an attractive beach messy waves.
Paul Mitchell Ultimate Wave Beachy Texture Cream, 19.13 $, to know more click here


        9-Concoction Curl Me Up Super Serum

This range is inspired by cocktail mixology, the idea that you can choose the product that goes with your hair and your favorite fragrance and it packed with natural extracts, vitamins, and have to shake well then put some product.
Concoction Curl Me Up Super Serum, 19.32$ (Includes Concoction Base Blend and second SuperSerum), so click here to know more

waiting for your opinion about this topic , about products for styling curly hairstyles !
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you most try this hairstyles for your naturally curly hair !

If you have a naturally curly hair you are a blessed person by nature and you should thank god because you have a charming amazing hair and you should know that some people spend all their money to get your hair. What you should know about your hair is it needs a special care and that begins from your shower to your final look. You should be careful when choosing your shampoo, conditioner, gel, mousse, serum, oil or any other products that you are using for getting the pretty look. Well, if you have a naturally curly this article is made for you if you have not a curly hair we will teach you the way to get the sexy gorgeous naturally curly hairstyle that you always desired.
So let’s starts:

Step 1: The Conditioner

Before you think about the style, the process is begins in the shower. The conditioner is the trick that can make or break your hair it’s depending to your choice. So if you made the right choice and getting a conditioner that are convenient with your hair type you are going to have in result a healthy curly hair with no frizz no dryness and moisturized. If you did not get the right conditioner you are going to have a lot of hair problems so the conditioner is the key.

Step 2: The Leave-In Conditioner (optional)

Some girls or women have curls are exceptionally tight! In this case you should just use a leave-in conditioner because the more weight is the better idea in this case. The leave-in conditioner helps to elongate the curls, it helps to keep hair moisturized and get frizzles hair. Once you finish your shower, get the excess water out of your hair, flip your hair over (this is a very important step) and add enough leave-in conditioner so that your hair feels smooth.

 Step 3: The Gel

You need a gel that hold the moist in your hair but not heavy to not give that cheap look. The gel is for holding curls together without making them crunchy. Do never ever apply it from the top of your hair the right way to apply it is to flip your hair over and add some gel ( avoid to put it on your roots).

Step 4: The Mousse

You will be wondering” why we are using the gel + the mousse?” here’s the answer remember when I told you to not use the gel on the roots? Well, it’s because it make your hair smashed flat to your head, and other portions will be inflexible. To prevent this use the mousse on roots and gel everywhere but roots. When it’s about a curly look you want volume at roots not at the bottom.

Step 5: Vent Brush

This is a very important step. while your hair is still flipped over, run a vent brush through your hair. This is a magical touch because when you do this, you make sure that the product is through every section of your hair. To avoid frizzes you have to clump your hair together to make smooth and strong curls because when your stands separate it causes frizz.

Step 6: Scrunching

This step is a technique trick it’s the secret of defined curls. While your hair is still flipped over, you have to scrunch it with your hands to create defined curls and to remove any excess water and product. Very gently crunch your hair with you towel so you have to be careful in this step to not separate curls with the towel and make your hair frizzes. You not should do this over than 3 times.

Step 7: Blow Dry with a Diffuser

This is the magical step and it’s just the secret of the beautiful curly hair style. The diffuser is the secret that make gives your roots more volume and dries your hair without causing frizz,  in the opposite of the wind from the blow dryer that separate curls and make your hair frizzy. So keep your hair flipped over if you still need more volume at the roots.

Step 8: Impress everyone with your favorite look

It may take a few attempts to get this process down for your exact curl type. Once you do, the results will be amazing¨!

# Look number 1: flipped sideways
Take a puddle brush and claim or just brush your curls out to have more volume
So you’re ready just flip over the side of your hair and: voila!

# Look number 2: fully curly
Let your curly bangs flows over your face in a messy way that a great crazily sexy look.
#Look number 3: pined sideways
You need some bobby pins and take your hair from a side of your head and twit over it and secure it with bobby pins in the final result you will have all your hair at one side.
#Look number 4: quick edgy up-do
All you have to do is doing the look number 3 and add one more step to it witch is twisting your hair and pin it up and secure it with bobby pins lit it look a little bit messy from the top  and bangs. You can add an accessory (flower, flower crowns…)
# Look number 5: the casual twist
It is based on look numbers 3 too. After doing the look number 3 instead of doing a classic side braid just twist your hair and secure it with a time. You can use a heat as an accessory it’s a gorgeous look.
#Look number 6: half up half down
This is a feminine style and glamorous at the same time it is good in hot time because it gets out your face. So all you have to do is twist up the sides and secure them up.
#Look number 7: messy top knot
Twist all your hair up and let some curls falls and secure your hair just like a messy bun. It’s so cool just try it.

 look at this step by step video 

Let me know what you think. Did you try this? What is most effective for your naturally curly hair type?

            Keep following my blog for more hints and tips to styling naturally curly hairstyles!

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find best curly hairstyles for your curly hair

Curly hairstyles give an elegant look in any occasion. Appropriately all women with a curly hair always keep looking for hairstyles for their naturally curly hair. The curly hair is always just has a charming touch on any woman so if you have a curly hair you are lucky. Curly hair has just one inconvenient is “frizz” to solve this problem all you have to do is to use a heavy-weight or gel relaxing balm and let you hair dry naturally. There are so many hairstyles with curls because curls add extra pretty touch to the hair. In general medium hair and short hair needs more care and specially the curly ones because they get poufy and frizzy if the weather is a little bit moist so there is so many products to protect your hair from frizzes. Short and medium hairstyles look amazing with some defined curls.

A stylish and healthy looking curly hair is natural results of two ingredients the great curly hair cut, and the curly hair care routine. Long hair can be styled into for a new look or a wavy beachy messy hairstyle that is nice especially in summer where short hair can be cut casually, to give an appearance of style.

http://ecurlyhairstyles.blogspot.comWell, as we all know there is numerous ways to curl hair however with the diffuser that gives the effect of loose messy curls or with the curling iron that make more than look:  romantic soft curls or beachy waves or loosing curls…
But there things damaged your hair we recommend classic ways to cu rl hair which is to braid them and let them dry naturally or twist them and let them all night twisted if you are under time  pressure ,  you can use small hot rollers or
wrap it around a pencil and dry it with diffuser.

http://ecurlyhairstyles.blogspot.comIf your hair is thick and you like the curly hairstyle adding color is good option for you because doing highlights is a wonderful way to create the illusion of fuller look and charming shiny hair. Women with long curly hair have a big marge of choices that they can apply on their hair whatever updos or any other look. Soft romantic look is also super pretty look for long hair even a high ponytail look stylish. Live it up with accessories. So for extremely shiny curly hair you can also use a shine spray.   

To maintain your hair moisturized and healthy all times you should chose carely you champoo, conditioner, gel or any other product you can use for styling your hair. There are many ways to style curly locks for women without natural curls, try a number of practices for the distinct style headgear. There are many products available curly hairstyle, use high quality items that are favorable to the hair. If you can, visit the institute curly hair, it is just an institute for curly hairstyles.

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Curly hairstyles for curly hair

you are a naturally curly and you search for  curly hairstyles? ladies with curly hair struggle to find the style that fit to your natural curls. You don't have to search any more, there is numerous hairstyles in this article that can make you feel  attractive and more confident with your own stylish look, the majority of women with a curly hair desire a straight hair, but believe me your curly hair is more stylish it gives you a vital and  healthy look. So to get the curly hairstyle that you have always desired you just have to get a haircut that goes with your face shape and just follow the instructions in this article
                                                                                                            short curly hairstyles are superbly pretty for any occasion whatever it is, short curly hairstyles exudes confidence and feeling confident its what makes you sexy. It is much easy to take care of short hair and specially if you have a busy life. That was the first choice the second is to try a side parted, over one eye style with bangs and that will bring you back to the era of black and white movies. So, you can get marline monroe glamour with this super chic, cool haircut. If you work in an office or any other job that requires you to be in a suit try an "up do" it makes you look cute with a serious personality .


http://ecurlyhairstyles.blogspot.comif you have a medium haircut then you must try the above hair styling tips that offer you an elegant and beautiful look, medium hair is perfect for any given season because it's short enough to be cool in summer and long enough for an updo. well, you have the option of trying side-parted over one eye with bangs but the updo will not be an option. So classic bob is also a very good idea for both medium and short hair not only the classic bob but also all the other types of bobbed hairstyles because it looks wonderful with curly hair. these are some hairstyles that is pretty cool and you can apply easily to look stylish .

 well, this days one of the most famous hairstyles is loose hairstyles  that gives you a romantic look

  curly hairstyles for curly hair

http://ecurlyhairstyles.blogspot.comthat was all about short and medium curly hairstyles let's talk about what hairstyles that will be convenient with the long hair. Well, long hair in a half up half down hairstyle gets much of your hair off your neck and accentuates curly hair. Or you can also try sideswept hairstyle as well. This style also has many variations and usually includes hair or fringe over one eye. Curly hairstyles should be done by someone who is used to working with curly hair on women. So if you have not taken such a measure to make your curly hair look stylish then it is advisable that you should take help of hair stylist to do it for you .
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